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We clean hundreds of households every single day!

We realize that you and your family have a choice in carpet cleaning companies. Not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. Genie Carpet Cleaning provides our clients with reliable, and thorough cleaning services for all of their carpet, upholstery, and tile needs. We employ a crew of trustworthy and highly skilled carpet cleaning technicians who are dedicated to bringing our clients the highest-quality cleaning services available.

Expert Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Genie Carpet Cleaning provides top-quality, dependable and very affordable cleaning services and so much more to our clients and companies in Los Angeles, and all the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of cleaning services to ensure your house looks, smells and feels its very best, and we’re always delighted to provide our clients with free estimates.

  • Drier Carpets

    Our specialized cleaning process allows your carpets to dry faster, which in turn allows your family to start enjoying your clean carpet sooner.

  • A Healthier Home

    Cleaning your carpet at least once a year helps keep your home and your family healthier by riding your home of dirt and bacteria.

  • Stain Fighting

    Your household carpets get a lot of daily use, meaning spills and stains are inevitable. With our stain fighting protectant, we can help you keep your carpets looking great longer.

  • Reduce Allergens

    Deodorizing and sanitizing your carpets after cleaning them helps reduce allergens like dust mites, pollen, and more.

  • Remove Pet Odors

    Do you have a family pet? Then you know all about pet odors in carpet. Our specialized cleaning process can help remove those odors.

  • Tile Cleaning and More

    Dirty grout? No worries! Along with cleaning carpets, we can also help you clean your tile floors.

Our Services

Years Of Experience In Carpet Care

Genie Carpet Cleaning can provide you and your household with the best carpet cleaning services available.

Carpet Cleaning

When we come to your house to clean your carpets, we utilize our own unique extraction process to get the best results possible.

Area Rugs Cleaning

When cleaning carpets, it is essential to make sure to rinse away all of the detergents or dirt will stick to the carpet fibers.

Mattress Cleaning

After we have cleaned your carpets and they have dried, we then utilize a specialized solution to repel dirt and absorb spills.

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